Serge de Troyer

Modern Simplicity: Lucite

Simplicity is defined as freedom from complexity, intricacy, or the absence of pretentiousness or ornament.  We know simple when we see it, when we touch it, when we use it. 

It goes without saying Lucite is an excellent example of modern simplicity in the form of furniture.  Without overpowering a space a high quality Lucite piece fabricated from the best acrylic illuminates a room with modern simplistic style.    

At Robyn Branch Design we LOVE Miami designer, Serge De Troyer’s collection of Italian acrylic.  Serge states, “… a luminous icon made of ice these stylish, elegant and functional acrylic furniture pieces embodies the best in both design and craft.  Each is handmade out of extra thick high quality Italian acrylic and can be customized to specifications.”