Amelia Island

The Monday Motivation

Monday motivation is for early morning people.  I never considered myself a morning person, but with the clients I have now, Mondays ROCK!  I wake up and hit the ground running. 

#No_filtered A.I. Sunrise

#No_filtered A.I. Sunrise

Those I work closely with know I begin texting by 7 am.  There was a time when correspondence outside of “the business day” was considered rude and unprofessional.  But with today’s modern technology and smart phones designed to keep us focused on their screen, not much is sacred anymore.  Including my morning quiet time.  However, at the end of the day , it’s OK.  I understand the contractors' schedules and plus; their mind is churning as well.  I LOVE this process.  I LOVE to see what can be accomplished. 


Monday is always a day in which I believe anything can be done by the end of the week.  By Friday, I am often frustrated and tired when deadlines and goals are not completed.  Not completed for any number of reasons; but most commonly resulting from logistical and shipping issues.  Just getting a quote for a product in this line of business is excruciating. 

So many are shocked at rising costs.  Prices have not sat stagnant as the economy did.  Now that business is growing, there is a rush to make up for lost time and revenue.  In the world of Amazon and Wayfair (which will soon be one), clients see a discount online and think prices are always cheaper there.  I’m sure that is true in some cases.  However, I rarely see the same quality for the same price.  Occasionally a client gives in to the allure of the less expensive product and independently places their order.  Nine times out of ten when the order arrives in poor condition (assuming it arrives at all) we receive a phone call or email requesting our assistance in remedying the issue.  This is an issue I want to avoid, therefore I am chasing quotes everywhere to make sure I get the best price for my client.  Then within the blink of an eye the Friday deadline appears and another week has gone by. 

Monday begins again… there is the processing of the paper work…computers were supposed to make all that easier.  Email is a black hole.   Of course, the warehouse is the worst of the black holes.  Then we have the driver who backs up to an empty container and drives across country with my custom nightstands left in another container at the mill.  Then there is the warehouse that loses the paperwork because of the driver.  Then there is a dispatcher that doesn’t relay instructions and it is delivered to the wrong place…try to get your money back for that one.  Next comes the driver that literally pushes the chairs out of the back of the trailer.  By the time weeks in warehouses and transit have passed my Monday has started over many times.  Let’s not even put customs into the picture for fear they will put a singular curse on me and my orders!  That equates to months, literally. 

All day, every day.

Yet I still maintain that motivation because when it is finally complete, the end result is worth every bit of it.  I have learned this.  It is worth the stress and the agony of warehouse gorillas, whack drivers and aloof dispatchers.  Although, maybe not worth the freight charge, many times well over 15% up to 28%...more for white glove.  Oh, and don’t forget the freight fees and surcharges that cannot ever be explained...

I think it is Monday again and there is much to be done.