Wear It Well

When I was a young adult, I would taxi my 94-year-old Grandfather who had relinquished his driver’s license because he finally had a wreck. Just a few errands around town and a stop at the sandwich shop before going home. It was a rare time we had together without another family member around. Time I treasured. I learned a lot about him. We didn’t talk because he was deaf, but we didn’t need to.

One occasion landed us at the mall, a place my Grandfather had never been. He needed a new belt and it was 1980, so I headed for the mall. We entered the mall and Grandpa reached to remove his hat, took account of the high ceiling and street-like venue and thought better of it. He left it in place and removed it once we entered the store. Manners and grace. 

I’ve always noticed how a man wears a hat. Does he remove it inside? Does he tip it? Does he wear it to be a dandy or for function? Hat etiquette speaks volumes. For men and women.

Same goes for good design. If you are going to wear the hat, choose wisely or you will look ridiculous and choose for function or you will be disappointed. Wear it well.


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