Evolve.  Design requires it.  When I encounter a client hanging on to the past, I am faced with two options:  respect it or change it.   Let them keep their memories or wipe them away.  There is often a fine line and I teeter.   

This process requires a great amount of respect and reverence.   All while I am just hating those fake sunflowers or that bad painting and I may initially have no clue what to do with the collection of gift shop figurines.   Then it comes to me.  We talk it out, exchange opinions and resolve to make it happen or make it go away.   

Here are a few helpful solutions when editing your interior: 

1.)  Replace the fake greenery on the bookshelf (eye roll) with fresh succulents on a table.  Your lungs will thank you.

2.)  Stack and mix a bad painting with good art on a gallery wall.  It’s like playing up in tennis.  Remember room location is key.   Maybe even a hallway that is not often traveled.

3.)  Wrap those collectibles your mother-in-law keeps sending and store them for your children.   Granted they will not be thrilled, but it will soften the blow for the mother-in-law when that curio cabinet is no longer in the corner filled with all those items.  Keep one or two if you must.  

Change is difficult.  I know.  We want it, fear it and often are paralyzed by it.  I am no different.  Learn “when it is not working” to evolve.  Change.  It will be good design and your world will change.  

I often try to find a treasure and highlight it.  Repurpose or restore.  Educate to the best of my knowledge and respect the love a client has for an object.  Very often as the design unfolds, a client can see that a dated item is failing to fit.  Very often we try anyway.  It is all part of the process.  

I keep evolving and I learn from every client.  I am thankful for that most of all.  I must remind myself that it is an emotion process, not just a remodel.  My greatest compliment was my client that remarked to me she had told her therapist about me.  She is 92.  And pretty AWESOME!

Please answer with your solutions!  I would love to hear what others are doing to help evolve when updating an interior.