Antiquing, is not what it used to be!

I love nothing better than to stroll around on a lazy afternoon while traveling to find a remote antiques shop and browse for treasure.  Somehow a find is always better when you are in a faraway place.  The story is better.  Or maybe it is that I am living on an island of "antiques".   I use that term loosely, believe me.  Since moving here, years ago, I've seen antiques being peddled in many ways.  Their journey from faraway places (or maybe just over the state line) landing them in an antique mall downtown.  Or in an estate sale, yard sale, junk shop or thrift store.  I have heard many opinions on the antiques.  What time frame constitutes an antique as opposed to vintage?  Different opinions.  How do you know that new shipment is really valuable?  Not just a container full of regularly shipped old stuff or replicas? 

I guess you know when you know.  It's like buying jewelry or furs.  Trust but verify.  Trust a reputable dealer.  Confirm that reputation with your own eyes.  Educate yourself if it really matters.  I see too many pieces circa "wrong" or "bad guess" or just "not even".  "Replica" should be labeled.  It is marked the same as an antique very often. 

I buy what interests me.  I'm fascinated people were able to do as much as what they can do now.  That's what I love about an antique.  I would say I gravitate more to vintage.  I know just enough to be dangerous as the saying goes!  I am not a true lover of antiques, but when I love an old creation, I really love it!

I'm sadden that more people do not value vintage and mix it into their decor.  I suppose they don't realize that most modern furniture has been around for a really long time! 

So to see the best, I'm headed to Randall Tysinger and Karen Luisana in NC.  They never disappoint!   My only problem is enough cash to buy the treasures!

Tysinger italian center table.jpg

We LOVE this circa 1830 Italian faux painted centre table with concaved pedestal available from for a mere $36,000.00.  The detail on the piece is breathtaking.  

Tysinger center table close up.jpg