Tile Tread

Ceramic tile has had a solid presence throughout history.  Many civilizations utilized this product dating back to prehistoric times.  One of the simplest and oldest art forms, tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, porcelain, stone, metal, or even glass.

Uniquely stunning creations from tiles are found all around us.  While it is common to obsess over the style, pattern, or perfect coloring to coordinate with our home there is one important detail that is often overlooked when considering tile as flooring or bath surface; how safe is it to move around on? 

At Robyn Branch Design when choosing tile, the non-slip factor is never forgotten. Robyn stresses that, “Texture is the key.  Porcelains have to have texture.  Stones, like travertine, have texture naturally.”  In the case of a shower stall floor from our St. Kitts project, coral stone from the Dominican Republic was cut into smaller pieces for safety.  Even though commonly a porous material the smaller cuts help with traction in order to reduce slippage.  The coral stone was the perfect contrast to the beautiful resin rock countertop and slick, sleek porcelanosa wall tiles from our go to tile experts, Belmarmi.     

I’ll never forget the opening night of one of the best restaurants in our little town.  The proprietors worked for many months renovating the historic home into a quaint bistro that won award after award over the years.  On opening night as guests arrived for a tasting the space sparkled with ambiance.  However, when one of the diners slipped on the new tiled floors, and then another guest slipped, quickly followed by the staff basically skating on the floor, they clearly had an issue on their hands.  It was a simple detail overlooked that had the potential for lawsuit after lawsuit.  Needless to say, the tile flooring was quickly readdressed.